Peng (fromFree and Easy Wandering” by Chuang-tzu)

150cm x 150cm

Polymer Acrylic
18K Gold Leaf




When K’un changes and becomes a bird, its name is P’eng[1].Red-crowned Crane is a traditional symbol to express independent personality. The red-crowned cranes have halos surrounding their heads, which is an unnatural and deliberate sanctification. There are so many red-crowned Cranes, like “a multitude of the heavenly host”. They are entitled to be the main characters of the séance ceremony because they are all carrying notes in their mouths. There are “as many churches as there are casinos” – which has consecrated the capital value with stable discursive power to the shrine. Those cranes transcend themselves, and sublimate into a meaningless and useless escape or redemption. How tragic.

Lei Lai

1. Zhuangzi, “Free And Easy Wandering”, Chapter 1


鯤化而為鳥,其名為鵬。鶴是傳統表達獨立人格的情致符號,而頂光標誌著一種不自然、刻意的神聖化。那麼多紅頭鶴紛總總如“仙之人兮列如麻”,它們有資格成為降靈儀式的主角,是因為它們叼著阿堵物。這裡“有多少賭場,就有多少教堂” — 把已經話語權穩固的資本價值奉上神龕吧,超越其自身,昇華為無為無用的逍遙or救贖。多悲壯。



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