Door God (Left) – The Oriental God of Wealth – Plutus
左門神 – 東方財神 – 普路托斯

150cm x 100cm

Polymer Acrylic
18K Gold Leaf




How come the Menshen is in a western style? In some churches of Macau, there are saint families in a Chinese costumes that were made in Ming and Qing Dynasties. This is the localization of religion, which is similar to using a dialect to preach. But what is the meaning of using two Greek Gods as the Menshen? It is a Chinese practice to use Menshen to keep the house safe. Vesta in Greece is the goddess of the home, and the Menshen of artists are the god of medicine and wealth. It sounds quite critical? No, one is a bitter person with a sickly body before canonization, while another one is the land mother or the child of the nether world – Guarding silently in the deep. Anyway, it is so desperate.

Lei Lai


洋涇濱的門神是什麼鬼?在澳門的教堂裡,有明清製的、中式裝素的聖家族,那是宗教的在地化,和方言講道是一個道理。可兩個希臘神的像作為門神卻是什麼道理?以門神來保家宅平安是中國的作法,希臘的Vesta是灶神。藝術家的門神是醫神和財神。聽上去挺批判?不是的,他們一個是悲苦凡人易病的身軀的封聖,另一個是地母或幽冥的孩子 — 沉默、淵深處的持守。不論怎樣,反正很喪就對了。


關鍵詞:極東 ,財富
“他們無法表述自己,他們必須被別人表述。”- 馬克思
民間門神為漢字文化圈的信仰傳統 , 而且每年立春都會換;佛教經文曾說菩薩可有千萬化身,佈施眾生。而祂好像在極東位置才會化身為財神 , 所以這是指東方人都很需要錢的意思嗎?有趣的是,如果你在Google圖片上搜尋God of Fortune或者God of Wealth,你會發現都是同一樣的結果。假設神有千萬變化身,那麼東西方宗教文化的壁壘就能很好地去說明了。
除此之外,在澳門,紫醉金迷的城市彷彿每個路上途人都是財神。所以,我嘗試以我對本地社會現象的認知,將其“化身”為希臘女財神 (Plutus) ,並結合門神的方式呈現,顯然即題目中的左門神。

Artwork concept:
Key words: Far Eastern, Wealth
“They cannot represent themselves; they must be represented.” – Karl Marx
I’m quite interested in the oriental culture that developed based on the west. Maybe it is because I am carrying the burden of my own cultural background.
In our folk culture, door gods are the religious and cultural traditions in Chinese language phylum. People will replace the stickers of the door gods in every springs. The Buddhist scriptures say that bodhisattva has thousands of incarnations to give alms to all living beings. It seems the bodhisattva will incarnate as the God of Wealth in Far East places. So does it mean everyone in the East is in need of money? The interesting thing is, when you search “God of Fortune” or “God of Wealth” on Google, you will get the same result. If the God has thousands of incarnations, it is easier to break the barrier between the Eastern and Western religious cultures.
Besides, in Macau, the city surrounded by money makes every stranger on the street looks like the God of Wealth. Therefore, according to my understanding of local social phenomenon, I try to “incarnate” them as the Greek God of Wealth (Plutus), and combine with the concept of door gods as titled.
Create the other, is my experiment of the operation mechanism of the “new” Far Easternism.


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