Basic Of Spray Painting 2018
噴槍初階 2018 工作坊

畫吾一定用畫的,仲可以噴,佢就係噴畫喇? 噴繪作為當代藝術創作的其中一個熱門媒材,連Pop Art 的領袖級人物Andy Warhol、日本的村上隆這些無人不識的藝術家也喜歡用。而且仲可以應用在不同的物料及材質上,例如紙、塑膠、木、玻璃,甚至車身或牆壁等。 4月開始,喜歡創作的你又有新嘢玩喇!iCentre請來一向喜歡發掘新媒材創作可能性的本澳藝術家梁子毛,教大家利用噴畫技巧進行個人創作,一齊感受呢種新媒材的魅力吧! iCentre 噴畫初階班: * 適合沒有繪畫基礎者 * 2018年4月23日至5月29日(逢星期一二 晚上 7:00至10:00 ) * 出席率達70%可獲發證書及補貼50%學費。

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Spray paint art can be largely applied to different materials , such as wood, paper, metal , glass, ceramic or plastic. It is one of the most popular media in contemporary art, even Andy Warhol or Murakami Takashi used this technique in their artworks. From this Apr, our local emerging artist Chi Mou Leong will lead you to explore the glamour of Spray paint art, and you will be able to create your own pieces after. iCentre Spray paint art course: * No Previous experience or knowledge is required * Class will be held from Apr 23 to May 29 ( Every Mon and Tue, 7pm-10pm) * 50% of the tuition fee will be returned and certificate will be given if attendance reaches 70%

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